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Not stuck again...!!!
Deciding how long a piece of string is will probably be an easier task than deciding what to take with and what to leave behind when it comes to tools and spares.  I think we can start with the easy one though, the recovery gear.
Recovery Gear
Our main concern is obviously the fact that we will be travelling alone.  Because of this, one of the first things we decided on was to get a winch.  Budget played a part in our decision.  A 'Warn' winch would've been our first choice, but at almost twice the price, we couldn't justify spending that much on a winch.  In the end, we settled on one of the new 6.6hp electric T-Max winches.  We went for a bigger one, i.e. 10,000lbs for the simple reason that we will be carrying a bit of weight.  Weight and sloppy mud doesn't go well together and it will be very easy to get bogged down to the axles.  To get the beast out will need a bit of power.  T-Max have a good reputation and a few users here in Australia are of the opinion that the internal gears and motor is of very similar quality as the 'Warn' products.  At almost half the price, it seemed the right choice for us.
We also bought a heavy duty winch/recovery pack to go with the other recovery gear we had for the smaller HiLux.  The ARB compressor will be used to ensure we run with the correct tyre pressures for the terrain we're on.  We also decided to get a Hi-Lift jack to go with the exhaust jack we already had.  The Hi-Lift was not part of the original recovery list.  I'm not that keen on them because they are so dangerous, but again, because we will be travelling alone, we thought it wis probably not such a bad idea to take one with us.  You know what it will be like, if we don't have it, we will need it.  Even though the exhaust jack is a heavy duty bag, it can still get a hole in, and if this is the only lifting equipment you have and its got a hole in....well, then you might have a bit of a problem.
You obviously can't leave without other sensible bits like a shovel, axe and hacksaw to make revocery a bit easier.  Lets just hope that we'll never need to use it, or rather never need to use it in anger.
Tools and spares
I think our toolkit is fairly comprehensive and we have all the essential bits to be able to fix something on the side of the road (whether I will have enough mechanical knowledge or experience to fix something is a different matter all together).  I decided to spend a bit of money on a good quality toolset which should last me at for at least 10 years or so, providing I don't loose it.
The approach I tried to take with the spares was one of taking replacement parts for things that would stop us in our tracks, i.e. without it, you ain't going nowhere.  My spare parts list is by no means perfect and I'm sure there are a lot of other or better parts to take with, but you have to draw a line somewhere, and with space at a premium, it will have to end here.  I'm hoping our list will help you decide what to take with if you can't make up your mind on where to draw the line. 

Socket set

  • Metric
  • Inch (supplement)
  • Ratchet extension long
  • Ratchet extension short


  • Metric
  • Inch (supplement)


  • Side/wire cutters
  • Water pump
  • Long Nose
  • General (flat head)
  • Vise Grip (1 x small, 1 x large)
  • Electrical pliers

Adjustable wrenches         

  • small - 6"
  • large - 10"
Feeler gauge
Bottle Jack      
Grease gun
Multi meter
Pocket knife
Jumper leads
Flat head screwdrivers (various)
Philips screwdrivers (various)
Haynes car manual
Oil filter pliers
Wire brush
Rubber mallet
Hammer - 1.8kg
Set Allan keys
Wheel spanner
  • flat +-8"
  • triangle +-8"
  • round +-8"
12 V Soldering iron and lead/solder/flux
G clamps - 4"
  • Small - 1.8m x 2.4m
  • Large
Small mechanical mirror
Wire - thick and thin
Tape measure
Diff/gearbox oil syringe/pump
Wrecking bar
Recovery Gear and Misc


T-Max 10,000lbs Electric winch  

Bushranger Exhaust jack    

ARB Compressor    


Pair of leather rigging gloves  

Tree trunk protector         

  • 1 x 4 meter 8000kg rated

Bridal equalizer strap    

  • 1 x 6000kg rated

Snatch straps   

  • 1 x 10 meter 6000kg rated
  • 1 x 10 meter 8000kg rated

Winch extension strap 

  • 1 x 10 meter 8000kg rated

Drag chain       

  • 1 x 8 heavy duty drag chain

Bow shackles  

  • 2 x 4 3/4 ton
  • 4 x 3 1/4 ton

Snatch block   

Snatch strap/winch cable dampener           


Tyre repair kit - short/long plugs

Hacksaw (21 ") and 1 x spare blade

Hi Lift Jack & lift accessories 

Jack base - 30mm thick plywood; 30cm x 30cm

Tyre pressure gauge

Spares and Consumables
Engine oil - 20 liters Penrite HPR15 Diesel Oil
Grease - general and high-pressure use
Spare wiper blades
Spare set of belts - alternator/air con etc
Wheel bearings - 1 x front and 1 x rear
Fuses - various
Electric wire - 3mm (10 amp) and 5mm (25 amp)
Cable ties - various sizes/length
Brake master cylinder repair kit
Glow plugs x 4
Universal joint - 1 x front and 1 x rear
Latex gloves
Spare wheels - 2 x rims and tyres
Coolant concentrate
Start Ya Bastard
Gearbox/Diff/Transfer case oil – 5 ltr (enough for 2 changes)
Brake fluid - Dot 3 - 500ml
Power steering fluid - 500 ml
Hand (degreasing) cleaning soap
Gasket sealant - hard setting and soft setting
Silicone - Oil/water resistant automotive
Insulation tape 
Gaffer tape
Plastic steel
Epoxy glue
Wonder glue
Wonderweld/metal putty
Nuts/bolts/washers - various sizes incl high tensile
Headlight/various bulbs
Craft knife and blades 
Grease nipples 
2 x extra set of keys and alarm remotes
Wheel nuts (extra 8)
Fuel tank cap
Radiator hoses - top and bottom
Clutch master cylinder repair kit
Clutch slave cylinder repair kit
Water pump
Oil filter x 3
Air filter x 1
Fuel filter - 2 x standard, 2 x water separator filters
Hose clamps - various sizes
Oil filler cap
Radiator cap
Thermostat and gasket
Electrical connection/terminals - various sizes/types
Relay switches
Sump plug
Sump plug washers
Diff plug
Tube of Silastic
Split pins
Windscreen bug cleaner
Diesel conditioner
Shocks 1 x rear, 1 x front
Alternator parts - bushes and diode pack