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Below are some of the more important GPS waypoints you might need when travelling overland across the globe.  You will notice that there are sometimes two points for one border crossing.  We have marked the points on both sides of the border and also when there is a bit of no-man's land in between the border posts.  Click here if you want to download a word document with the gps points.
Please note - Our GPS Grid format is Lat/Lon hddd mm.mmm and Datum is WGS 84
Russian/Mongolian Border Crossing at Kyakhta:
N50 19.366 E106 29.358
Russian/Mongolian West Border Crossing (Close to Olgii - Mongolian side):
N49 36.462 E89 28.071
Russian/Mongolian West Border Crossing (Close to Tashante - Russian side):
N49 42.639 E89 12.079
Russian/Kazakhstan Border Crossing close to Semey:
N51 12.691 E81 06.629
Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan Border Crossing:
N43 01.535 E74 42.324
Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan Border Crossing to Pamir Hwy (Kyrgyzstan side – Sary Tash):
N39 30.488 E73 16.144
Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan Border Crossing to Pamir Hwy (Tajikistan side):
N39 22.517 E73 19.687
Tajikistan/Uzbekistan Border Crossing (close to Dushanbe – Tajikistan side):
N38 30.362 E68 06.754
Uzbekistan/Tajikistan Border Crossing (close to Dushanbe – Uzbekistan side):
N38 30.152 E68 06.061
Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan Border Crossing (West Uzbekistan, Benauy– Uzbekistan side):
N44 53.404 E56 00.459
Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan Border Crossing(West Uzbekistan, Benauy– Kazakhstan side):
N44 53.929 E55 59.560
Kazakhstan/Russian Border Crossing (West Kazakh, close to Atyrau – Kazak side):
N46 33.218 E48 45.917
Russian/Kazakhstan Border Crossing (West Kazakh, close to Atyrau – Russian side):
N46 32.751 E48 38.351