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:: visa information ::

The information on this page is relevant to people applying for visas using a British passport.  I'm sure some of the processes will be very similar, if not the same, for other passport holders.  Rules and regulations change all the time, so please check with the relevant country's consulates wherever you’re applying from.


Indonesia - info correct at June 2012

British passport holders require a visa to enter Indonesia, but this can be obtained on arrival at the airport or seaports.  A tourist visa obtained on arrival will only be valid for 30 days.

Our stay in Indonesia will exceed 30 days, so we decided to apply for a 60 day visa at the Indonesian consulate in London.  The 60 day single entry visa cost GBP35 per person and takes 4-5 working days to process.  Fees are payable in either postal order, bank draft or with bank card at the embassy.  The following documents are required to apply for the 60 day visa.

-  Passport (with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia) with blank pages to affix the visa sticker.
-  One completed visa application form with one coloured passport size photo.
-  Must be UK Resident (with at least one month exceeding the validity of the requested visa).
-  Travel itinerary (proof of booking), including details of onward or return journey (we’re arriving on a one-way ticket, but booked an additional cheap one-way flight from Jakarta to Singapore with AirAsia for onward travel.
-  Hotel reservation (if applicable)
-  Bank Statement dated less than a month with a minimum balance of £ 1,000.-
-  A recent letter (less than 1 month old) from applicant's employer. If self-employed, a confirmation letter from applicant's solicitor, or accountant, or Bank Manager. For a student, submit confirmation letter of attendance from school, college or university. "au pair" or domestic help will have to show employer's passport and submit copy of the said passport and letter from employee. All of the above type of letters must certify the applicant's obligation to return after the visit to Indonesia. 
None of the above categories applied to us, so we got a friend to write a letter confirming our details and that we’ll be visiting Indonesia, returning to the UK permanently.

Singapore - info correct at August 2012

We took a 26 hour ferry from Tungang Priok terminal in Jakarta to the Indonesian island of Batam.  We then took an additional fast ferry (about 45 min) from Batam to Singapore.
We got our 30 day tourist visa on arrival at the Harbour front ferry terminal in Singapore.  We did not pay anything for our Singapore visa.

Malaysia - info correct at August 2012

There are 2 border crossings between Singapore and Malaysia.  We made the mistake to go the the crossing in the west of Singapore in order to bypass Johor Bahru.  We were turned away at this crossing because they don't allow bicycles/foot passengers to cross here.  We had to cycle an additional 20km to get to the main crossing at Johor Bahru.
We got our 90-day tourist visa for Malaysia on arrival at the Johor Bahru land border.  The visa did not cost us anything.